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My name is Adarsh Vardhan Patel and my age is 17 years.

I am from Uttar Pradesh (India). Currently, I am studying in 12th Class. I love Travelling and I also love Gadgets and Technology.

So, now let me tell you about my Blogging journey, how I started blogging and all these things.

Don’t trust fake websites {Every Newbie should read this}

My journey starts when I was just 12 years old and those were my summer vacation days and I was searching online that How to earn money online?

While searching I landed on a website. On that website, there were some genuine ways and get rich fast ways mentioned over there.

So, in Genuine ways, there was mention of Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. And there is no doubt that these are genuine ways. But there was also mentioned that genuine ways will take 1 or more than one year to complete.

After reading this I decided to go with the get rich fast way.

As everyone wants to become rich as soon as possible and I also wanted to become rich fast. So, that’s why I head towards Get Rich Fast ways.

According to that quick-rich scheme or fake method, I had to complete a few short surveys to get paid.

I had completed many surveys, but I don’t have earned a single penny from that work. Because, as we all know that there is nothing like get rich fast. And I get to know that If you want to earn money online then there are only a few ways through which you can earn money online.

So, my first online work was a complete failure.

But Failure is the first step to success. And I have tried something new for which I was happy and also I had got a new experience.

And If you had learned something new from your failure than that failure becomes a blessing for you.

So, from this failure, I learned that never trust any sources or ways without investigating them.

After doing that online work, I thought that there is nothing like Online earning. Then I quit thinking about earning money for some years.

So, This was the story of my failure in Blogging. But now I am going to tell you about the story of my success in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. And How I got to understand the meaning of Blogging.

How did I understand what real Blogging is?

As I have mentioned above that I had get to know about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing at the age of 12.

But I wanted to earn money as soon as possible. That’s why at that time, I decided to choose the fake way and which proved a failure for me.

But now, after 4 years, in 2019, I decided that I will start Blogging now.

So, I started watching tutorials on YouTube to learn Blogging. After watching some videos, Now I know What is Blogging, How to do Blogging, and What you should have to start Blogging.

To start Blogging, we need a Domain and a Hosting. But the question was that to purchase them, from where I get the credit card.

But before I tell you something more about my journey. First, let me tell you about the support which I got from my parent’s side.

So, just continue to read….

How my Parents supported me?

I have listened from most of the people that they want to do something online. But their parents don’t support them.

But in my case it is totally different.

Because I had explained all the things to my parents and told them that this is a practical thing. And I want to build career in Digital Marketing.

So, they get ready to give me the money for my Online Business.

Now after that I purchased a domain name only to check that what blogging is and how we can earn money through blogging. So, I purchased the domain and connected it to Blogger.

So, my website was on Tech niche, because I love Technology and Electronic gadgets. That is why I had started my first blog on the Tech niche.

I had written some articles for a few months. But after that, I get bored because there was no visitor on my website. And also I didn’t know that How to Earn money through Blogging.

So, my first blog proved a failure for me.

And then I had created many Blogs on different-different niches, in the hope that one day one of these websites will rank and I will make money through that website.

So, like after facing failure in 5-8 websites. I have decided to learn Blogging from experts. So, I started to learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing from experts.

The reason behind so many failures was that I was focusing only on money, money, and money part. I was not focusing on my content.

But money should be the secondary thing. Your primary motivation must be helping others and sharing knowledge with others. So that they will not do the mistake which you have done.

And if you help others, then you will definitely get a reward for that work.

So focus on your work first, not on the money.

That’s why I failed so many times because I was focusing on money only. But after realizing my mistakes and working on them. I have seen growth in my Blogging career.

Why I Failed in so many Websites?

I will tell you about only one website and then you can relate from this example that why I failed in 5-8 websites.

For example:

I had started a website on Whatsapp Status where I shared the content related to Status. Every day I was publishing a new post on that blog.

And I thought that I will monetize this Blog through Google Adsense. I had worked consistently for 6-8 months on that Blog. But there was no traffic on my Whatsapp Status website.

Also, I had applied for Google Adsense many times to get approval on the Whatsapp Status website. But every time, my Blog got rejected due to copyrighted content.

Because the statuses which I had published on my website have been picked from other websites. That’s why I failed in this Blog.

Then I decided to close that Blog.

And the reason was the same for all my Blogs which had failed. And the reason for failure was Copyrighted content.

But now, here is a question that how did I get the idea to start Blogging Factz. So, just read below and you will get your answer.

Why I started Blogging Factz?

Till now, I had invested my 1.5 years in Blogging. But I didn’t get the success.

And now I thought that now I will start to write the unique content to help others and share my Blogging knowledge and experience with other bloggers who want to do Blogging.

So, from this, I got the idea to start BloggingFactz.com.

And if you want to gain knowledge about Blogging and SEO then you can read my articles which will definitely help you in your Blogging Career.

How to handle Failures in Blogging?

So, this is a very important question that how to handle failures in Blogging.

See, if you are copying content from other websites, then you will never get success in Blogging, you will keep on failing.

But if you are writing your content yourself honestly, then there is nothing to worry about.

Create your content from your heart to help others, and you will definitely get success in Blogging.

Because Blogging means to help others.

And if you are coming in the field of Blogging then you will have to learn a lot to become a successful blogger. There is no limit to learning in Blogging. And if you learn a new thing every single day, then definitely it will help you to be successful.

As I have already told you earlier, that don’t afraid of your failures, because if you have learned something from your failures then your failures become blessings for you.

Don’t copy content from other websites.

Be Unique

Wrapping Up

So, this was my complete Blogging journey. I hope that my journey will help and motivate you.

Don’t Lose Hope…!!

Thank you for reading my story.

Your Friend,

Adarsh Vardhan Patel

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